RV Tire Age safety recommendations


Things to check on your RV.

Did you know The National Traffic Safety Board recommends that tires on an RV be no older than six years old? But how do you know how old your tires are? Let me show you. If you look on your tires, you’re going to find a section that says D O T which stands for Department of Transportation, you’ll see some other codes and numbers but what you’re really looking for is the last four digits. Usually, it’s in a stamp kind of like this. You see this is 1819. That’s the 18th week of the 19th year so this tire was made in late April or early May of 2019. So when it gets too late April or early May of 2025 this tire is officially going to be too old to be on this rig. Now the only bummer is those stamps are typically only on one side of the tire. So if you look around your tire and you can’t find it then it’s probably on the other side of the tire. Let me know if you got an idea for a video if you got a question about your RV I’d love to make a video to share with you and help you out we’ll talk to you later. I’m David the RV Shepherd

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