RV Hack for Computer Set-up


Here’s an RV hack I think you’ll love. I don’t know if you necessarily call it a hack, but it’s down under my desk. One thing that I love is this Mac mini. It’s not much bigger than my hand yet. It is a very, very powerful computer. You can in the video this computer is powerful enough to run two monitors.
And on these monitors, I always have all kinds of things up. I’ve got Photoshop up. I’m working on magnets for my car. I have video editing software going. This is Premiere Pro. Plus, I’ve got websites galore up all over the place. I mean, you can see all the things that I have going on down here all same time.

And let me tell you, this is a very, very powerful little bitty computer. It’s the new Mac Mini with the M1 chip. It’s either $700 or $900. I’ve got the $700 one because I have an external hard drive. You can buy a MacMini from Apple at this link https://www.apple.com/mac-mini/

Comment right here to let me know what your computer setup looks like in your RV.

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