Quick Connect Hose Fittings


RV Hack, You’ll Love.

Here’s a cool RV hack you’ll love: Quick Connect hose fittings that make connecting your hose a snap. Connecting to the RV is just as easy. Just turn on the water and you’re in business. Then when you want to disconnect you just click, click, and you’re done. When you coil your hose up, you can connect the ends together. It keeps your hose nice and secure and clean.

You may ask Hey David, what about the piece that screws on the spigot? What do you do with that? Well, it starts with unscrewing it. Then you click it into the spot where the hose was connected to your RV. Now you won’t forget it.

The other good thing is these guys don’t restrict water flow. The hole is plenty big enough to keep water flowing. Now you might be thinking, David, what happens if I leave that piece at one of the RV parks I’m staying at that’s true that could happen. So what do you do? You buy two? Actually, I have three, one for one end of the hose one for the other end of the hose and I have a spare one or two inside the RV just in case I leave the connector on the spigot at an RV park.

Do you know of any other RV hacks that you think are awesome? Comment below and let me know. Have a great day.

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