More than


people buy a new or used RV in the United States each year.
One thing every RV (new and used) has in common;

they ALL have something wrong with them.

Do you know what is wrong with the RV you are planning to buy?

Joy > Regret

You buy an RV to bring your family JOY, to make special memories, to see far away places, taking your dog, cat, and fish with you. You don’t buy an RV to have REGRET, wishing you had known the true condition of the RV BEFORE you bought it.

My name is David russell
(rv shepherd)

I’m a veteran U.S. Navy Submariner. My wife and I are also full-time RVers. I would love to help you have confidence in your RV buying experience by providing a Certified RV Inspection before you finalize a purchase. Schedule a FREE 30 min call with me today.


David saved me from making a bad decision. I was considering the purchase of an RV in Ft. Pierce, FL. I hired David to take a look at… read more

Meredith Whitney Avatar Meredith Whitney
July 17, 2023

We are so glad we found RV Shepherd in our search for certified inspectors. We had a bad experience with another company, so it was so refreshing to find… read more

Cindy Merrill Avatar Cindy Merrill
April 5, 2023

One of the nicest and most professional rv inspectors I’ve ever met. Extremely punctual and knowledgeable. Was kind enough to drive to camping world in Fort Pierce to look at… read more

Emily Rose Avatar Emily Rose
March 26, 2023

It was just by chance we found Dave to do an rv inspection for us. He wanted to make sure we read his reviews so we would be comfortable working… read more

Barbara MacMannis Avatar Barbara MacMannis
March 26, 2023

I highly recommened you hire RV Shepherd whether buying new or used. I’ve been dealing with warranty repair issues on my brand new 2021 Winnegabo for over a year.… read more

Daniel Garcia Avatar Daniel Garcia
February 26, 2023

An inspector with integrity! We hired RV Shepherd to inspect a used diesel pusher. We were pressed for time and he pulled the fluid analysis before doing the inspection. Thank… read more

Gary Bailey Avatar Gary Bailey
January 25, 2023

David @ RV Shepherd is great! He was prompt in getting back to us to set up the initial call, scheduled the inspection with the local RV Dealer, and… read more

Margaret Brown Avatar Margaret Brown
January 11, 2023

No need to shop around. This is the guy. We couldn’t recommend more highly.

Carisa Cunningham Avatar Carisa Cunningham
January 8, 2023

David at RV Shepherd did an excellent job inspecting our new to us 2020 Winnebago View. We were over 1,000 miles away from the dealership and it gave us great… read more

Kristin Weigand Avatar Kristin Weigand
November 30, 2022

RV Shepherd was extremely helpful when I purchased my motorhome. The report was very detailed and provided very useful information. He took a good amount of time on the phone… read more

Laura Taylor Oostdyk Avatar Laura Taylor Oostdyk
November 29, 2022

David is awesome! He is very thorough and checks everything! David was very kind and patience, answering all our questions. I would highly recommend David. He is professional and very… read more

Nicole Hughes Avatar Nicole Hughes
November 19, 2022

I am new to the RV world but it is something my wife and have been wanting to pursue for many years. Even though the RV that I was looking… read more

Jean-Jacques Alford Avatar Jean-Jacques Alford
October 22, 2022

If you want an RV inspector who will go “above and beyond” to get you the information you need to make an informed purchase, then I believe David Russell should… read more

Coral Undzis Avatar Coral Undzis
September 12, 2022

David went the extra mile and found a water leak in a RV we wanted to purchase. Finding the hidden damage in advance of our purchase probably saved us months/years… read more

Johnny Dalrymple Avatar Johnny Dalrymple
September 12, 2022

Real informative, knowledgeable inspector who cares about helping you. Timely, professional communication. Highly recommend and would use this service again if needed.

Rob Adamo Avatar Rob Adamo
July 12, 2022

David is a fabulous inspector! He is thorough with exceptional attention to detail and work ethic. He is very kind and easy to talk to. I feel comfortable asking him… read more

Hairchitexture Salon Avatar Hairchitexture Salon
June 12, 2022

David is good person to work with, very through, high quality service. I highly recommend him.

Jennifer Tipton Avatar Jennifer Tipton
May 12, 2022

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Comprehensive Guide to Managing Water Intrusion in RVs: Adapting to Melbourne, FL’s Coastal Climate and Ensuring Optimal RV Condition


Understanding Water Intrusion in RVs in Melbourne, FL’s Coastal Climate

Riding the waves of adventure in your RV near Melbourne, FL can be an absolute hoot, but let’s dive into a topic that’s as serious as a summer thunderstorm in the Sunshine State: water intrusion. With a coastal climate that’s as soggy as a wet sponge, locals with their homes on wheels need to be particularly savvy about keeping their rigs dry. But don’t fret, we’re here to throw you a lifebuoy of knowledge.

Why Melbourne’s Climate Demands Vigilant RV Inspection

Florida’s coastline is a buffet for humidity and rain, which can sneak into your RV like uninvited guests at a BBQ. Before you know it, they’re wreaking havoc on the interior. To prevent a waterlogged disaster, regular RV water intrusion inspections are crucial. Think of it as a wellness check-up for your RV, keeping it in tip-top shape for those sun-soaked escapades.

The ABCs of RV Maintenance to Thwart Water Damage

Alright, let’s roll up our sleeves and talk maintenance. Keep an eagle eye on seals and seams – they’re your first line of defense. Make it a habit to do a walk-around of your RV. And when you do, here’s a little checklist to keep handy:
Roof: Look for any tears or cracks.
Windows and Doors: Peel an eye for any gaps or dodgy seals.
Vents and Appliances: Ensure everything’s sealed tighter than a jar of pickles.

Already feeling like a pro? Fantastic! But remember, the coastal airs can be as sneaky as a seagull swiping your lunch, so it’s not just about eyeballing – get hands-on and test those seals.

The Role of Professional RV Inspectors Near You

If you’re more into relaxing on the beach than poking around your RV, then enlist an RV inspector. They’re like your RV’s personal bodyguard against moisture. They come equipped with know-how and gadgets to detect sneaky moisture quicker than you can say “pass the sunscreen.”

Scheduling RV Inspections: How Often Is Often Enough?

Set a date with your RV more often than you do for your annual vacation. Once or twice a year should do the trick, but always after a nasty storm or before you set off chasing horizons. And hey, if you’re the cautious type, popping in for an extra check-up won’t hurt.

The Impact of Neglect: When Water Intrusion Is Ignored

Pardon the dampener, folks, but ignoring water intrusion can turn your dream RV into a nightmare on wheels. From a mildew rave party to wood rot that hits harder than a Florida hurricane, the aftermath isn’t pretty. And gosh, the repair bills will be as hefty as an alligator on a diet of nothing but key lime pies.

Humor Aside: Real Consequences of RV Water Damage

All jokes aside, water damage is a serious business. It can lead to electrical gremlins, structural woes, and health issues faster than you can flip a flapjack. Keep an RV inspection near you on speed dial, and you’ll have peace of mind that’s as refreshing as a sweet tea on a hot day.


So there you have it, fellow road warriors of Melbourne, FL. Water intrusion in your RV is about as fun as getting sand in your shorts. But with a bit of knowledge, some elbow grease, and help from the pros, you can keep your RV drier than a stand-up comedian’s wit. Now go forth, explore, and may your RV be as water-tight as a submarine.


How often should I inspect my RV for water intrusion in Melbourne, FL?
At least annually, but ideally twice a year or after severe weather events.

Can I do an RV water intrusion inspection myself?
Certainly! Keep an eye on seals and check for leaks, but don’t hesitate to call in a pro for a thorough examination.

What are common signs of water intrusion in an RV?
Damp spots, musty odors, or discolored panels can all be tell-tale signs.

Is it expensive to hire an RV inspector in Melbourne, FL?
Costs vary, but investing in a professional inspection can save you money on potential repairs down the line.

Can humidity alone cause water damage in my RV?
Yes, high humidity can lead to condensation and moisture issues inside your RV. Keep those dehumidifiers running!