More than


people buy a new or used RV in the United States each year.
One thing every RV (new and used) has in common;

they ALL have something wrong with them.

Do you know what is wrong with the RV you are planning to buy?

Joy > Regret

You buy an RV to bring your family JOY, to make special memories, to see far away places, taking your dog, cat, and fish with you. You don’t buy an RV to have REGRET, wishing you had known the true condition of the RV BEFORE you bought it.

My name is David russell
(rv shepherd)

I’m a veteran U.S. Navy Submariner. My wife and I are also full-time RVers. I would love to help you have confidence in your RV buying experience by providing a Certified RV Inspection before you finalize a purchase. Schedule a FREE 30 min call with me today.


David saved me from making a bad decision. I was considering the purchase of an RV in Ft. Pierce, FL. I hired David to take a look at… read more

Meredith Whitney Avatar Meredith Whitney
July 17, 2023

We are so glad we found RV Shepherd in our search for certified inspectors. We had a bad experience with another company, so it was so refreshing to find… read more

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April 5, 2023

One of the nicest and most professional rv inspectors I’ve ever met. Extremely punctual and knowledgeable. Was kind enough to drive to camping world in Fort Pierce to look at… read more

Emily Rose Avatar Emily Rose
March 26, 2023

It was just by chance we found Dave to do an rv inspection for us. He wanted to make sure we read his reviews so we would be comfortable working… read more

Barbara MacMannis Avatar Barbara MacMannis
March 26, 2023

I highly recommened you hire RV Shepherd whether buying new or used. I’ve been dealing with warranty repair issues on my brand new 2021 Winnegabo for over a year.… read more

Daniel Garcia Avatar Daniel Garcia
February 26, 2023

An inspector with integrity! We hired RV Shepherd to inspect a used diesel pusher. We were pressed for time and he pulled the fluid analysis before doing the inspection. Thank… read more

Gary Bailey Avatar Gary Bailey
January 25, 2023

David @ RV Shepherd is great! He was prompt in getting back to us to set up the initial call, scheduled the inspection with the local RV Dealer, and… read more

Margaret Brown Avatar Margaret Brown
January 11, 2023

No need to shop around. This is the guy. We couldn’t recommend more highly.

Carisa Cunningham Avatar Carisa Cunningham
January 8, 2023

David at RV Shepherd did an excellent job inspecting our new to us 2020 Winnebago View. We were over 1,000 miles away from the dealership and it gave us great… read more

Kristin Weigand Avatar Kristin Weigand
November 30, 2022

RV Shepherd was extremely helpful when I purchased my motorhome. The report was very detailed and provided very useful information. He took a good amount of time on the phone… read more

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November 29, 2022

David is awesome! He is very thorough and checks everything! David was very kind and patience, answering all our questions. I would highly recommend David. He is professional and very… read more

Nicole Hughes Avatar Nicole Hughes
November 19, 2022

I am new to the RV world but it is something my wife and have been wanting to pursue for many years. Even though the RV that I was looking… read more

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October 22, 2022

If you want an RV inspector who will go “above and beyond” to get you the information you need to make an informed purchase, then I believe David Russell should… read more

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September 12, 2022

David went the extra mile and found a water leak in a RV we wanted to purchase. Finding the hidden damage in advance of our purchase probably saved us months/years… read more

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September 12, 2022

Real informative, knowledgeable inspector who cares about helping you. Timely, professional communication. Highly recommend and would use this service again if needed.

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July 12, 2022

David is a fabulous inspector! He is thorough with exceptional attention to detail and work ethic. He is very kind and easy to talk to. I feel comfortable asking him… read more

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June 12, 2022

David is good person to work with, very through, high quality service. I highly recommend him.

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May 12, 2022

Four Steps to Enjoy the RV Life



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Inspect the RV
has Repairs Made
Enjoy the RV Life


Comprehensive Guide on RV Maintenance in Humid Melbourne FL: Emphasizing the Significance of Routine Chassis and Running Gear Inspections for Preserving RV Integrity


Ensuring the Integrity of Your RV in Humid Melbourne, FL: The Importance of Chassis and Running Gear Inspections

When you’re admiring the lovely palm trees and the ocean breeze in Melbourne, FL, the last thing you want to concern yourself with is whether your RV will hold up on your next adventure. Crafting a memorable journey begins with the foundational step of a thorough RV inspection, particularly of the chassis and running gear.

RV Inspector: Your Partner in Preventative Care

The significance of regular inspections by a professional RV inspector can’t be overstated. The chassis, the framework that supports your home-on-wheels, is like the skeleton of your RV. Maintaining its health is fundamental, and inspections must include a check for water intrusion, which can be particularly problematic in Melbourne’s humid climate.

Melbourne RV enthusiasts often seek out “RV inspection near you,” hoping to find a service that understands the local environment’s effect on their rigs. The chirping of cicadas should be the soundtrack to your evenings, not the groan of moist, compromised metal.

RV Inspection: Bridging Safety and Peace of Mind

A complete RV inspection focuses on identifying potential areas of water damage. Seasons of rainfall and humidity are not your RV’s best friends; they invite rust and corrosion into areas that might go unnoticed without professional eyes. Such inspection must often be more Sherlock Holmes than mere checklist, looking for clues in the form of rust stains, damp odors, or unexplained sponginess underfoot.

Furthermore, running gear – comprising wheels, tires, axles, and bearings – is not immune to the consequences of unchecked moisture. The assorted creaks and groans you hear as you roll along might be more than just the sounds of road storytelling; they could be distress signals from your RV’s running gear.

Understanding Water Intrusion in RVs

In the battle against water intrusion, knowledge is as valuable as a good sealant. The harsh truth is that water infiltration is a common adversary for RV owners. It sneaks in through vulnerable seals, silently pooling and soaking into surfaces waiting to wreak havoc with mold and structural damage.

This is where comprehensive information like the Comprehensive Guide to Managing Water Intrusion in RVs: Adapting to Melbourne, FL’s Coastal Climate and Ensuring Optimal RV Condition becomes indispensable. The guide is bursting with strategies tailored to Melbourne’s weather conditions, playing a pivotal role in RV maintenance.

Examining common entry points for water, like windows, roof joins, and exterior seams is crucial. These inspections must be regular, for even a small leak can bloom into a big problem faster than a Florida thunderstorm.

Practical Strategies for Water Intrusion Prevention

Arming yourself with knowledge from guides like “Preventing and Managing RV Water Intrusion: Comprehensive Guide for Vero Beach RV Owners” is like having an umbrella against Melbourne’s rain. Through the Preventing and Managing RV Water Intrusion: Comprehensive Guide for Vero Beach RV Owners, you’ll learn the importance of detailed inspections conducted by qualified professionals, uncovering potential pitfalls before they develop into a flood of problems.

RV owners must work closely with inspectors to understand the gravity of proper sealant use and timely repairs. Seals should be supple and entire, caulk lines smooth and unbroken. The expertise of a seasoned inspector equips RVers with the savvy to weather the storms.

Spotting the Signs: When to Call an RV Inspector

So when should you bring in an RV inspection expert? Here’s a handy checklist:

  • Before purchasing a pre-loved RV.
  • After any significant encounter with Mother Nature’s mood swings.
  • Periodically, as part of your RV’s health routine.

In a complex ecosystem like an RV, diligence is key. When water intrusion is left unattended, it can turn the dream of travel into a soggy nightmare with extensive – not to mention expensive – repairs.


For Melbourne’s RV community, scheduling regular chassis and running gear assessments with a local RV inspector isn’t a mere formality – it’s an integral act of self-care for your travel companion. These examinations are a proactive approach, ensuring not only safety but also preserving the joy and spontaneity of your adventures. With every road trip, remember that the journey is as important as the destination, and a solid, dry chassis is the first step towards a trail of happy memories.


1. How often should I schedule an RV inspection in Melbourne, FL?
– Aim for at least an annual inspection, or more frequently if you suspect any issues or have been through extreme weather.

2. What are the signs of water intrusion in an RV?
– Look out for musty odors, discoloration, soft spots on floors or walls, and any visible mold or rust.

3. Can a regular mechanic perform an RV inspection for water intrusion?
– You should seek a specialized RV inspector familiar with the complexities of RVs and the Melbourne climate’s impact on them.

4. What steps can I take to prevent water intrusion while on the road?
– Regularly check and maintain seals, store your RV properly, and be vigilant about any water or moisture accumulation.

5. Why is humidity a problem for RVs?
– Humidity can lead to condensation inside your RV, which, if not adequately ventilated and absorbed, can precipitate water damage even without an external leak.